Second level 1 warnings

How I got it? Because I was looking at other computer and when I look at my phone it just gives me a violation! They need to extend the warning system to 30 seconds I believe.

Hey there!

You can PM @appeals!

It is pretty long currently

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As the pilot, you need to be responsible during all phases of flight. Staring at a different device is on you and considered pilot error.

If you believe there was a glitch, please do as Mason said and PM appeals.


Hi there! Could you explain us in more detail what happend please? 😄👍

I’m in training server tho

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Still, violations are in effect and will be enforced. It’s the same for all pilots.

If you were overspeeding, going over 260 knots while flying below FL100, then you can get a level 1 vio.

I was going to slow down that time but wasn’t in time so rip

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Yep. You gotta pay attention. Otherwise, violations are most likely going to happen. Happens to the best of us so don’t worry! 😄

Here is a list of possible vilations:

Level 3 Violations:

  • Entering a runway without permission (Crossing a runway for an example)
  • Landing without permission.
  • Landing on the wrong runway.
  • Taking off without permission.
  • Not complying with ATC instructions. (Approach vectors for example)
  • Not complying with NOTAMS.
  • Taxiing through aircraft.
  • Receiving 3 or more violations during flight… (For overspeeding)
  • Not going around.
  • Inappropriate callsigns or offensive names.
  • Blocking Runways.
  • Going over 35 knots on the taxiway.
  • Incorrect altitudes, headings, or speed while approaching the airport.
  • Flying through aircraft.
  • Maneuvering through controlled airspaces without contacting the center.
  • Aligned with the wrong runway.
  • Not complying with missed approach orders.
  • Being unresponsive to atc.
  • Taking off from the grass, taxiway and ramp areas.

Level two violations:

  • Pushback without permission.
  • Taxiing without permission.
  • Not following ATIS
  • Not expediting a runway
  • Connection Issues (For example your wifi goes down while on the runway, then you reconnect while another aircraft lands. These can be erased from the record by contacting @moderators)
  • Unnescery reports/spamming requests.
  • Taxiing through grass and taxiways as seen above^^
  • Not maintaining a safe distance between other aircraft. ( You must be at the very least 1,000 feet above or below an aircraft, and 10-15 nautical miles away from one. )
  • Blocking Taxiways
  • Failure to complete the missed approach.

Level 1 Violations:

  • Exceeding 260 knots under FL1000
  • Acrobatics over the airport.


Level 1 violations are issued on 3 servers. The training and the expert server and the casual servers. On the casual servers, there is no ATC.


Now, on the training server, you cannot get a level 2 or 3 violation unless manually done by the moderators for inappropriate callsigns (I think). But nothing can be done against training server misbehavior.


On the expert server, all violations are possible to receive. Some of the violations may vary by the controller to controller. For example, once I was approaching the wrong runway and instead of getting a level 2 violation, I got a level 3. So it does depend.

Anyway, I hope this helps!

Additionally, you can visit:

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Actually 30 seconds might be too long for a warning. You should focus on your flying and 20 seconds is enough for you to recover. Some people might abuse this system by violating and stopping if the warning time is too long.

How I suppose to drop my speed from 330 to 260 in 20 seconds lol?

Why you have to speed up to 330 kts in the first place?

As others have said, pay attention and stay at your device especially in critical flight phases like descending and ascending. If you’re descending below 10000ft and can’t slow down enough, climb back up and let your speed drop a bit before going back down again. Be more proactive than reactive.

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FL 200 I’m talking about

Oh wait will it just gone for 7 days or my warnings just keep it there?

The effects will be gone after a week, but the violation stays on your record.

This is my second warning for the same thing from the first one lol :C

Well, in that case, I’d recommend you pay closer attention to your flight as you descend, and lose speed earlier to decrease your chances of exceeding the limit as you descend below 10000 ft.