Second Infinite Flight Anniversary; Thank you!!!

Hey guys!

October 26th marked my two year anniversary on Infinite Flight. I made this video as a special, heartfelt thanks to the developers, to my YouTube supporters, and most of all, to the Infinite Flight Community. Thank you guys for all of your positive feedback and support.

I found Infinite Flight in October of 2017 (apparently right after Global came out). I had recently found a love for airplanes, especially big ones. I searched on the iOS App Store, “airliner flight simulator”. And there it was. Infinite Flight. I saw the Delta A320 and I instantly fell in love.

Infinite Flight has changed my life since October 26, 2017. Thank you so much to the developers, and to the IFC for making this simulator so supercalifragilisticexpialidociously wonderful!

Shots were on Solo, in various locations and aircraft.


Well done, however I think this should be in #screenshots-and-videos


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Shouldn’t this be in #screenshots-and-videos since it’s a video?

Congrats my friend!!

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Just moved it; thank you!

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Just moved it; thank you so much!

You are most welcome. My inbox is always open for help!

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Awesome video! Seems like your anniversary clashes in the same month with Infinite Flight Global’s anniversary which is also in October


Is it really? That’s so cool! Yeah, I thought I heard somewhere that Global came out right before I found Infinite Flight.

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Global came out the same month and year you joined IF actually, October 2017

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Thank you! :)

Absolutely My Friend! I’ll see ya in the sky’s. Maybe we can fly together sometime

That would be so cool! Unfortunately, I do not have Pro. If I get it soon, I would love to fly with you sometime

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When are your guys’ Infinite Flight (not IFC) Anniversaries?

Let me know if you don’t know how to find it; I know how, if you have an iOS device

Well, I didn’t get in to it properly, and it’s not like I had much clue what I was doing, but i’m gonna say around late 2013, to 2014.

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Lol. That Emirates A380 at 1:36

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Haha, yep. That actually is from a previous video of mine.

omg I just realized my birthday is my IF Anniversary


Cool video

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Thank you!