Second flight plan without ending the flight

How would I go about creating a second and third flight plan from FPLtoIF after I reach my destination without running the risk of the app restarting once I go back into FPLtoIF to create a new flight plan
My aim here is to fly to multiple destinations all in the one flight without ending and restarting a new flight,

I have a quick question for you that could make this a really easy answer - do you have two Apple devices?

Yes I do, but I don’t know how I’m meant to copy and paste from one device to another,
I’m guessing I’m missing something simple here that’s right in front of me?

Hello. Do you have an Apple device? I have iMessage set up on both devices so I just copy and paste the fpl and message myself, then exit IF and copy it. Leaving for a few seconds shouldn’t cause any issues, if not then just bring up messages with multitask (only on iPads)

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I copy my flight plan from foreflight on my iPhone then go to my iPad running IF and paste straight into the flight plan.

Apple will transmit your clipboard across devices. It’s really easy and really awesome. Thank you Apple.

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I see, well I’ll give those a go
Thanks for the help and suggestions


I’m sorry, I meant to reply earlier, but got caught up in a few things.

If you have IF running on one device, you can use the other device to make the flight plan, and then copy it. Apple has recently (maybe not so recently) releases a feature that copies items to the clipboard across your linked devices. I frequently have a flight going on my iPad and then use my phone to make the flight plans. I simply use to make it, I copy it, and then clear the flight plan and paste the new one into the search bar.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a DM. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. :)

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