Second flight of my virtual career!

Hello! This is the second of my virtual career in infinite flight! I flew someone from Henderson Executive to Phoenix! Here is the main page which will lead you to my first flight: Real World Aviation Project
Here is to get to my next stage in my career: Moving to Hawaii for a new job in my virtual career part 1!
Hope you enjoy the pics!


Hey mate, nice shots, but this is your second topic in 24 hours, which isn’t allowed in #screenshots-and-videos. Just in case you didn’t know, but some lovely shots!

Also a little tip for shots, just so you don’t get the little green circle in the top is that if you go to replays and hit the camera icon it takes a picture without all of the UI stuff.

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Dangit, second time being flagged, I thought it meant more then 2 isint allowed, thanks tho for the info!

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No no no, I haven’t flagged, just trying to help prevent you from being flagged!

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Oh well thanks mate I’ll remember that.


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