Second Flight Lesson

Hello everyone! I just had my second flight lesson ever. It was a different instructor this time and he was awesome. I got to both land and takeoff. Twice! It was great. Here are some pictures from the flight. Thanks guys!


Good for you! Hope you are well on your way to your PPL. Interesting that you are flying a Piper for your trainer, a Cessna 172 or 182 is usually used. A bit of a change in controls. At least when I flew one it was.
It is good to see young people like me actually wanting to get a PPL and take lessons.

Also, watched you fly. Looked fun.


@anon9524891 MaxSez: Good Show, Good Luck, hit the book. Regards, real Fledgling, Max


Agreed, you should definitely study up for your exams when you are old enough. Start off with basic 6 pack and then work your way up to Patterns and Emergencies.

MattSez: Studying is what makes for a better candidate. You should definitely hit the books.

frankly i have taken a liking to it Max, not trying to turn this into a thing

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I will. I have a few years to go, but I can hardly wait to apply to real airlines!

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Well just be prepared to take your CPL lessons. Much more complicated as it gets much more advanced. You may also want to get at least a 2 year college education. It does not matter which kind, just pick one that ties into aviation. It will boost your chances of getting into an airline. What airline are you wanting to apply for?

Just because I am 14 does not mean I do not know how the system works, for anyone who wants to call me out on it.

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Well, I would really love United! And I do want to get 4 years college education.

Nice man. Happy flying :)

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Great job mate! Flight lessons are amazing. Hope you had a great flight 😁🀟🏽

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@AD1314 @Luke_L Thanks guys!

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