[Second edition of NathanD's Departing Straight out]Departure from KCHO

I am back with another edition of NathanD’s Departing Straight out series!
Today we are at KCHO Charlottsville Albimarle Airport in Charlottsville Virginia
Once again all photos were taken on Solo at noon and the route was just the takeoff
The first photo is UA3797 taking off for KORD

Next up for takeoff is AA3862 bound for CLT

After that is a NetJets Cessna CitationX flying to DAL

DL5091 rockets out to LGA

Lifeguard 068 lifts off from runway 03 off saving lives

UA3944 on the bunny hop to IAD

GAJ7501 rotates bound for KORL

N172ME off teaching another aspiring pilot how to fly
N383MA off to see the blues of KLOU
Thank for viewing this round of pictures!
Feedback is welcome and appreciated!


Great Photos


Keep the Nose a Little Lower!


From his last set he’s doing it deliberately to make them unique.

Anyway another set of great pictures.


@NathanD Can You Do one at YMML with

Tigerair A319s
Jetstar A320s
Virgin and Qantas 737-800s
And some international carriers like 787s!


I really like them! Great job!

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Yeah, that instructor is scared out of his mind he’s gonna stall, along with everyone in the other jets

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These are amazing, a little steep climb, but great job!

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Try it with a fighter and boom you’re the space shuttle. Nice pics though, love when I see creativity

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We’re going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship. Nice pictures though :)