Second Airports/ Smaller Airports you will fly into in Global

Are great
U02 is my hometown Airport

NZQN - Queenstown International, fantastic visual approach!

DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (KPDK) in the Atlanta metro area.

There’s nothing like home!image


Nice. That’s awesome


What basic criteria or FAA parameters do you go by for determining a secondary airport and or airfield for global ?

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KROC in Rochester. I haven’t seen Airbus A318 landing there, but I have been on Airbus A319 to there.

I would definately fly to ENAT (Alta, Norway)
The approach is really nice with some mountains on approach and after that a final approach over the sea.

The other end of the runway is not used by commercial aircraft as there are mountains on that side. :)



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I am planning to do routes to my local airport Jodhpur (JDH, VIJO)

Look at most of the African capital cities, I can guarantee most people have never heard of them.


Lukla airport Nepal, Tegucigalpa, the Honduras, Innsbruck, Austria, Glasgow Airport, Scotland and the list goes on but those are the main ones I know.

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A route into Hamilton Islamd in the Whitsunday islands off the coast of North Eastern Australia would be mesmerising!

You gotta fly to lukla airport in Nepal during that flight 😀

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My back garden :) Should be a steep approach

Edit: I would fly into R.A.F. Waddington

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I think it’s similar to how uncontrolled airfields are secondary to controlled fields despite the increased vigilance needed while operating in or around the latter’s airspace.

Vigilance shouldn’t vary, regardless, but I think you guys get me since you have that second set of eyes when in controlled airspace or opting to use flight following if VFR.

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A good one I’d say for first airport before or after Atlantic would be Belfast city (EGAC) smallish airport with a nice approach down Belfast Lough.

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Fly into RAF Leuchars. It has a nice approach over the North Sea or the opposite side over the Highlands on descent.

Also YLRD this is an opal mining town in central Australia it is where the most pure black opals are found

These are just some ones I have seen. KUNV, KABE, KHHI, KCTH, KRDG.

KMVY, Martha’s Vineyard (Rhode Island)

Ulrichen in Switzerland and Münster that are very close. They are in the middle of the alps and are less than 2 miles apart, good for when you take off at Münster and you realise you forgot to put more fuel in and you have to quickly land at Ulrichen 😂