Sebastien_Cartier’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] (written and practice both passed ) @ N/A

Thanks mate, appreciate it. Will improve on that then and hope controlling you again soon :p

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I’ll see you as IFATC soon enough 😏

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Hey guys, I’m open for now. Come join if you have a minute or two :p

joining mate

hey there, next time it’s best to open an airport with parallel runways so we can practice runway changes

sure, will do next time once fully confident ;)

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alright mate

I might connect again later (afternoon or something) and do like Dusseldorf :)

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i’ll be flying or controlling later so i can’t come. same time tmr?

Tomorrow I can do like early afternoon (probably 1130Z ish) :)

i’ll try come

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Tell me where you aim to control this afternoon, I’ll try to join :)

how active are you on ifc. i’m gonna open a class C in uzbekistan probably. i’ll let you know by 3 this afternoon

and i can teach you how to do patterns, transition and inbounds perfectly

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i learnt atc in a week and passed my practical. it means you should be able to too

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I started replaying a few weeks ago after like a year break. More interested in the controlling part now. I should be pretty active these next few weeks as I’m on holiday :)

i got lockdown so i’m aiming to control 3 hours a day

damn I have a connection problem… does it still say that I’m controlling ?

yeah it does now

corrected now haha. Thanks for passing by :)