Sebastien_Cartier’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] (written and practice both passed ) @ N/A

Hey guys,

I am currently on the training server. If you have time, feel free to join me as I would be happy to control you :)

This thread has the objective to improve my ATC skills to operate in the expert server in the foreseeable future.

  1. Frequencies: Ground and Tower
  2. Airport: N/A
  3. Server: Training
  4. Opening Times: TBD

I will stop by

Is it open right now? If so i’ll come @Sebastien_Cartier

Absolutely ! I just couldn’t manage to bring the post up again :p

lol I can understand that i’ll head over for some pattern work

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hey, I’m coming. Will share a feedback then.

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Sorry, didnt know C-130 didnt have pushback :p

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Sorry abt that

Feedback (F-ALEX)

  • [20:17:38] You don’t need to give a pattern entry “enter right base” as I’m already in the pattern here. Simply sequence earlier and just sequence.

  • [20:18:45] You don’t need either to clear me with a pattern direction “after the option, make right traffic” as you gave me the right traffic in takeoff command. So from the take off I’ll always follow the right traffic unless I ask for a runway change in the case there are multiple runways.

  • [20:20:22] In this case try to not give a frequency change too late preferably.

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no prob :P

Hey there :) Make sure you open airports that have atleast two runways (Parallel preferably)

Your practical will take place at the airport with two runways :)

I’m trying to find a list of airports that are suited for IFATC learning. I will PM you when I have them.

I know LSGG has two but one is grass runway, don’t think that counts.

Okay sure. I decided to start with 1 runway (also as I’m used to LSGG). I will try my best :)

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Thanks for the feedback. Will learn my best for next time :)

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@Sebastien_Cartier yo do you mind if i come in on runway 22 and do a low fly over?

Sure, no prob. Just wait until the 330 has cleared the airspace ;)

k gotcha, ill do that

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can i do 500 feet agl?

ok no prob. There is no atc commands for altitude lol. But yeah: “Beef 92 cleared low pass fly over” x)

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Thank you for the ATC, you did really good, just maybe a few things that could have been a little better.

  • In the beginning I believe there were about 3 planes in the pattern and you probably could have used the " I will call your base leg " command to sequence it a bit better.

  • You shouldn’t really instruct someone to turn x wind or downwind if there is no need to.

Other than that great job with the sequencing and everything else.
Thank u

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