Seattle, Washington

It’s pretty simple. We need active ATC for Seattle Washington. Or perhaps it’s just me. I really enjoy flying there. Much to see. Many mountains to fly over. Valleys to cruise through. Rivers, lakes and oceans. But it’s missing ATC. Southern Cali. has ATC all day. 24/7. On a rare occasion, I see one maybe two ATC in WA. I’ve even sat there for an hour as an ATC. But only one person was flying. If they see more ATC, more people will come. The whole “You build it, they will come.” theory. Only it’s built. Just need active ATC to operate it. How can we solve this problem? I’ve volenteered my time to be ATC on many occasions. And at least once a week for 1 hour. If even 1/4 of the paying players did this, we would have ATC almost FILLED in all locations. If not most of them. I just would like to see more people and activity in WA. Perhaps doing weekly “Event Flights” in Seattle, WA.? Just to put Seattle in the lime light for a bit. Some people don’t know the complexity of the landscape there. Or perhaps overlook if. Idk. In any case; I greatly enjoy WA. There are many locations to land. And it varies from mountainous to shore line. With many interesting scenery in between. And it’s pretty huge. I personally enjoy the more challenging landings near KDLS. Not to mention the mountainous landing strips. I usually fly the F-14 or C-130 variants. (I own almost all aircraft) You may also find me in the P-38 or the F-16 and F-22 on occasion. And I’m a huge enthusiast of the SR-71 BlackBird. If they produce it, I will by it! As long as its at least Mach 4. I may run out of map to fly through. But who cares. It would be worth it. Just to fly it. Anyways, I digress. Let’s get more ATC in SEATTLE!! Please! Love this game’


Open ATC sessions there and let this community know, I’m sure some people will come


If you are able to fly on advanced we open the Seattle region at least once a week


On TS1, SoCal is pretty much where it’s at (because it’s free).

On Expert, we rotate regions evenly throughout the week(s).

I know the following is in about 80 percent of forum posts, so I’m sorry…but, work on getting to Expert and you’ll have some nice days at SeaTac or Portland.


You’re not the first to try and get people to join other regions. Sorry, but you’re not gonna get anyone just because you ask nicely


First of all, thanks for all the “positive” responses. Secondly, I’m Grade 4. I always fly on the advanced servers. And to the slightly negative person over there; I didn’t think anyone would come “just because I asked nicely”. I was just giving a little shout out to my fellow aviators. If you don’t want to fly in Seattle, WA. Then don’t. And don’t bother with your pathetic negativity either. I like it there. And was just trying to see if I could put WA out there a little bit. But I care more about getting the Sr-71. Or maybe SU-27. Both very nice to fly. And maybe bring the F-15 Eagle into the loop?

Calm down, there is no need to get upset :) I’m sure @Robertdiaz123 didn’t mean to come across as negative or rude in any way (Robert, please correct me if I’m wrong ;)). Anyway, I agree that the Seattle region is a little under used, but making topics about this is not the way to get it to fill up. It will fill up naturally if people feel like flying in that region. Until that happens you will need to be patient.

Oh and welcome to the forum. :)


Oh, I certainly did not mean to be rude, I just kinda am. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ But I agree with what you said, let nature run its course

Seattle is open occasionally on Expert