Seattle to Miami Game Crash

Hello folks, I am reporting these game crashes on five hour flights. When I was flying from Seattle to Miami, getting close to Miami, Infinite Flight had crashed and now I can’t finish the flight. I had the music on in the background and the next thing happens is the game cuts off. Every time I do a long flight, the game cuts off. I have restarted my phone and still the game cuts off when I got near Miami. Is there anyway this game can stop crashing like this so I can get this connection flights done in one setting? Thank You. Note that my phone was fully charged before the game crashed

What device do you use?
What graphics settings do you use?

I use an iPhone 6S and I fly it on high graphics. When my phone was fully charged, the game crashed especially on this amazing flight to Miami from Seattle about to head to Providenciales.


The iPhone 6S is over 5 years old at this point and definitely will not be able to handle high graphics, especially with high density traffic and 3D buildings.

Turn your settings down to Low/Medium and see if there is an improvement.

Also on Frame Rate, have it set to 30fps if not already.

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I have it at 30 FPS already. Would it be the charging which is fully charged and left plugged be issue that causes the game crash?

The primary issue here is that you’re running on highest graphics.
Unfortunately, the 6S does not have the possibility to sustain a longer flight with those settings.
It’s quite good that you actually get more than 2 hours of flight time, so your device must be in pretty good condition :)


Well, I’ll try lowering the graphics to medium and see if that will work. Maybe I can depart at high graphics and when I am airborne, I lower the graphics to avoid the game crashing.

I would avoid changing graphics mid-flight. It can cause additional strain on the resources. But you’re definitely free to try your way forward :)

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Ok sounds good. What about with medium graphics? Do you think the game will crash on long flights? @schyllberg

I would suggest making a few tries yourself. Every device is unique in terms of performance when they’ve been around for a while.

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Ok Thank You. This topic can be closed now