Seattle to Miami Game Crash Again

I would recommend getting a separate iPad for it instead, it is a better & cheaper alternative, besides the iPhone 6 is a perfectly good phone, for texting, calling, etc… so there would be no need to spend all that extra money on the new phones.

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True, I would get a new iPad when I have enough money.

Who told you that?

Spoiler alert: it’s not.

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And when you can get a new device, you will be absolutely blown away by IF at all high settings and 30 fps or the 60 fps option (depending on the new device specs that you get)! I hope you get one soon because that would be really cool for you :)

iPhone XR = $900 my iPad 2021 64GB Storage: $400

That’s weird… looks like the XR was never priced that high to begin with. Released to markets at $749. Huh.

iPhone 13 is priced at $799, while the iPad Pro (newest generation) is $1299. Interesting.

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I’m not talking about the PRO, im talking about the normal iPad with the A13 & A14 Bionic Chips, the Pro has the same amount of power as my 2020 MAC…

Closing this for now since the original poster has freed up some storage and plans on purchasing a newer device. As Sebastian said, it’s an older device so high settings aren’t viable for this old of a device. If anyone has a similar device, a combination of medium and low settings would be better suited for the long haul flights.

Thanks for all the tips and tricks everyone 😊