Seattle to Miami Game Crash Again

Hello there, I am reporting again that the game crashed again when flying from Seattle to Miami. I was trying to go to Providenciales from Juneau but on this connecting flight from Seattle to Miami, the game crashed last morning and now again and I have had enough of these game crashes. I have an iPhone 6S and I used high graphics. Now this morning using medium graphics and still the game crashed. I even restarted the phone, cleared cache, and then boom, it crashed making me pissing me off. I would love to have a solution to this problem as soon as possible. Thank You

As i mentioned in your past topic:

You’re trying long hauls on a device that was top of the line 7 years ago, but 7 years is a lifetime in terms of technology. It’s not optimal to be entirely fair. Even running everything at “Medium” can cause crashes on longer sessions. Try with different setting combinations. Some things like texture quality don’t have that much impact on the visual experience but a lot in terms of resources.

Additionally, do you have enough storage available?


Along with everything you’re doing already, is your phone getting hot when trying to fly these long-haul routes? If your device overheats it will crash the game.

Second, try setting everything to low. Also, dim your brightness. That may help.

If setting everything to low doesn’t allow you to complete SEA-MIA, you may be confined to short-haul/medium-haul routes, or have to upgrade your phone.

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I have 2 GB of space left

I don’t remember my phone heating, but I was sleeping and when I woke up, the game crashed. It was at 5:50 AM when I woke up and it crashed.

I think @schyllberg was looking for your available storage, with that being said, could you try freeing up some more storage on your phone. 2GB free might not be enough. You could try and get rid of some old apps, photos, and even clear up some replay files within Infinite Flight.

Problem solved, I have deleted infinite flight and updated my phone and now have enough space. Maybe, this will be hope that this game will not crash when I do medium haul flights

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It’s too late now since you’ve already reinstalled the app, I would have tried just freeing up some space first. Just keep this in mind if you experience and issue. Deleting and reinstalling is a last resort option. Fingers crossed for a successful flight ;)

It wasn’t going to free up storage any farther. There was no other way so I ended up deleting and reinstalling Infinite Flight.

Okay, in this case just note that as you fly with different aircraft and encounter other pilots or fly at different scenery/airports, this will slowly take away that storage you just freed up since Infinite flight will be downloading this data and storing it in your device again.

Might be worth deleting unneeded replay files as you start to use up the available storage.

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Sounds good. I will do a short flight to complete a flight without any issues and then I will do a long flight and see if the game will crash. This topic can be closed

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An iPhone 6 is just not suitable for IF in 2022, it was a good device in 2018, but not anymore either upgrade or put all of your graphics on low and definitely try to free up as much storage as possible.

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Yeah I did all of that. I uninstall and reinstalled Infinite Flight after I upgraded my phone. When I have money and save money, I will by an iPhone X or iPhone 11

Sounds like you need to try dumping stuff off your phone. You may be running out of head room.
Try the suggestions made by others here that have more knowlege than me…but on a long haul flight you might be running low on resources.
Clean house thats easy to do. hope all works out for you !

Hello - I have had a personal experience with this issue - at one point, I was using a 6s with IF, with the exact same graphics settings that you are using now. After a while, though, my flights would start crashing; as others have already said, the 6s is a more antiquated device. If you simply lower your graphics settings, you might get it to work longer. Hope that helps!

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@Trio has been using an iPhone 6s for Infinite flight for many years. Agreed, it won’t run everything on high settings however, not everyone is able to just go out and spend $300 to $1000 on a new device. This issue most likely boils down to a storage issue and too high of graphic settings without even taking into account the condition of the phone. A combination of medium and low graphics and anti-aliasing disabled would be the most cost effective measure for the original poster.


Yes, I used to use the iPhone 6 and it was terrible, I could not do a single long haul without crashing on final/approach. And short haul flights were also painful due to the constant risk of crashing, even on medium/low settings and anti aliasing off, bare in mind I had plenty of storage. Yes, it works fine for ATC sessions & short/medium flights but it isn’t that good and is not reliable for long hauls.

I lowered the texture quality to medium but the rest is on high. I have a good idea, I understand that lowering the graphics mid-air will cause the game to strain but it might not do anything which is lowering the graphics settings mid-air and let it cruise mid flight until I am near my destination on medium and long haul flights.

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I honestly wouldn’t recommend running any of your settings on high with this device. Medium and low combinations is the best (safer) bet.

Bro, if I can’t do anything about this game that keeps on crashing even if I have taken your advice which is lowering the graphics and flying on long flights with low graphics, then I will be getting a new iPhone either an iPhone X or 11 depending how much money it costs, since this iPhone 6s is over 6 years old.

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