Seattle to Kailua-Kona aboard N932AK, my first time on one of Alaska Airlines' 737 MAX 9s

Hello peoples of IFC!

Back on the 17th of March, me and my family had taken a long awaited trip. We’d be flying from my home area up to Seattle, then catching a second flight to Kona.

Initially our flight was going to be operated by a 737-900ER, however (for reasons I don’t really know) it was delayed something like 40 minutes from the original departure time. I didn’t really mind though, as it meant I could stay pasted at the window for a bit longer. Soon enough a surprise rolled up to our gate:

N932AK rolled up, a signal that Alaska swapped our plane out for the third time. I didn’t complain though. It was a change from the 737-800s I had been on for the past 3 Hawaii trips I had been on.

Seated at 26A, awaiting the flight to get going

Once we were pushed back and getting our engines started, I witnessed something I’ve only seen on videos: a smoky engine start.

And around 10 minutes later we rotated into the cloudy Washington skies. I waited 6 whole years for that.

In what felt like no time at all, we punched through the clouds, never to see land again for the next 5 and a half hours (give or take 10 minutes or so)

First glimpse of the ocean below, some 30 minutes in to the flight.

In a time that went by faster than I thought it would, we began turning in towards the Big Island.

Flying over Maui on our approach

Currently South-West of the airport, coming in for a landing on runway 35.

Some 6 hours later, we touched down on the runway.

Beautiful low res image I captured, on my 7 year old iPhone 6s, of the plane as I walked away, bringing an end to my second commercial flight of the day, and my first jet powered flight in over half a decade.

Thanks for stopping by peoples of IFC! I may make some other topics of my other 3 flights, if this one makes it up.

Side Note: some of the photo resolutions vary from the others since I had to take screen shots of those moments from the videos I uploaded of the flight.


That’s sick you was able to fly on the Orca Livery!

Not bad photos for an Iphone 6s btw!

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a month on and I’m still quite surprised I got the Orca livery

The iPhone 6s has been holding in there, but plans are beginning to accumulate on getting the latest iPhone SE as well as a proper camera (phone upgrade is unrelated to the old 6s camera, there’s other issues with the phone)

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you’re lucky on a Special Livery

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Wow first time on Alaska’s MAX 9s and you got to fly on their West Coast Wonders plane?! Talk about lucky!

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It had to be pure luck, as the aircraft I saw leading up for the flight that day were all various 737-900ERs and not a MAX 9 - or Orca - to be seen

I was going to reply to you sooner, but I think I tried to click the reply button but clicked off before I could click the reply button

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Such a sick looking livery! I had a similar experience a couple years ago taking a midnight flight down from SEA-LAS. They ended up swapping my aircraft to another 739 which I didn’t care about until I peered through the jetbridge window and saw I was boarding more to love lol

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sounds like both or our aircraft switches to special liveries were surprises to be sure, but welcome ones

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