Seattle to Frankfurt

Group Flight from SEATTLE to FRANKFURT by Lufthansa. Flying over the north pole with some amazing views and landscapes.

Route: KSEA Seattle to EDDF Frankfurt
Livery: Lufthansa
Start time: 18:00 Zulu
Duration: 10 hours


Those are some stunning shots I absolutely love the scenery! Unfortunately, this category requires at most 10 images being shared on one topic. Unfortunately you have 17. To avoid this being closed I’d remove 7 of them to stay within guidelines. Great work on the shots, keep it up!

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Amazing journey!! 🤙🏼

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What aircraft are you flying there? Kinda confusing that in the pictures there’s many aircraft

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Theres 1 A380, 1 B747-8, 1 A350 and 5 A330’s.