Seattle Seahawks Boeing 747-8F

I think quiet a few ppl would like to see this


Well the only plane with a team livery is the Boeing 717-200, so it wouldn’t hurt to add more team liveries.

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That would be awesome!!! :)

I can only imagine this plane has this because Boeing’s HQ is in Washington, USA. :)

Go Hawks! Yes yes yes!

What Hawks? All I see are sea chickens!!! Just kidding, I like the Patriots!!!

Big win tonight, hopefully we get a rematch in the Super Bowl

Hopefully!!! I don’t really care who wins. I just pick a team and root for them. :)

Green Bay got screwed by the referees once again. 2 penalties not called

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It’s funny how we got from talking about a Boeing 747 to talking about football!!! :)

Lol I know right I seen it coming when I found the pic my fiancé is huge sea chickens fan and her whole family. But back to the livery I would love to see this livery in game come guys lets get as many likes as possible for this

Go hawks! I would love to see this livery in infinite flight.

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I would to. Let’s go for as many likes as possible come on guys lets hit 50 likes I know for a fact there are tons of hawks fans out there

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Yeah reaaly nice livery
Its Hawks will be baseball team?

The Seahawks are an American Football team

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thanks a lot for ure answer @Nick_Catalano. :-)
ok Just one Sports team, Ive think give more Hawks team
example Barcelona have football, basketballetc

Pleas stop begging for likes. Begging for likes=receiving flags

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