Seattle plane spotting 08/15-08/18

Hey IFC!
Welcome to another one of my plane spotting threads, its been a while since I have posted in this category, so I’m pretty excited to see people’s responses. This time, we are going to Seattle, Washington! I have many images taken from both my hotel and actually from the airport, so we can mix up the views a bit. Enjoy!
Delta 767-300ER taken from the hotel room
Delta 757-200ER taken from the hotel room
First to go, taken from the road next to the end of 16L
Alaska A320
Delta 737-800ER
Horizon Canada Q400
Alaska 737-900ER
American 737-800ER
ANA 787-8
Amazing discovery on the way back near KBFI (MAX storage facility)
I hope you enjoyed!
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Appologies for the gunk on the camera sensor

I would recommend cropping your photos so the subject(the aircraft) is centered in the frame

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Good to know for next time, thanks!


Wow, those are some good pictures!

My favorite are the Alaska Airlines ones and the MAX storage facility. Also, the ANA 787 and BA 773


Nice photos! And wow, that MAX facility is like a Jackpot!

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Thanks everyone for your wonderful feedback!

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I did also spot on the drive to Seattle at Moses lake airport because I had a feeling I would find something there. My suspicions were confirmed!

More maxs!


At both of the max facilities there were one or two security guards outside each gate. And I think they felt pretty iffy about me taking pictures of all the maxes, anyone know why?

Awesome photos! Love the MAXes, but don’t know why the guards were being iffy. Love the ANA plane to.

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ahh thanks! I actually think the Boeing wants as little attention to their current situation as possible. They are always so secretive about anything that’s happens inside their facilities, I think it’s mainly because they don’t want their competitor to get any ideas.

All those beautiful 737 MAX’s stored away hurts me :( But great pics. I like the ANA 787 departing. Wing flexxx!! I also like that bonus UAL 737 MAX. I didn’t know they even made any MAX’s in their new livery.


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