Seattle or Denver?

I’m about to buy a new region for live and I am unsure of what to get. I’m looking for a more mountainous region so I have picked one of these to choose from. If anyone wants to make a poll it would be much appreciated. Thanks guys and have a wonderful weekend!

I personally like Denver! But that is my opinion… :)

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Any suggestions help! Thanks bud!

  • Seattle
  • Denver

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Seattle is a lovely region, with some fabulous airports and terrain. You can fly real world routes from KSEA (Seattle Tacoma Intl) to KPDX (Portland Intl). Seattle is also very ‘general-aviation friendly’ and is full of lovely little airports in the lowlands and the highlands… The highlands are beautiful, it has Mt Ranier in the depths of it (Mt Ranier is the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States) and several other nooks and crannies to make for beautiful, scenic flights. The lowlands consist of flat, long plains and pultritudinous meanders and estuaries of the many rivers it has.

Seattle is also where Boeing aircraft are manufactured, and many people fly in the Seattle region for this purpose! KPAE (Boeing-Everrett) is where larger jets are made; KRNT (Beoing Renton (Renton Muni)) is where the 737’s are made (757 was made here but they’re no longer in production).

Denver, Colorado has similar features to Seattle (but in my opinion, with a lot less character). There is a flat plain in the east, and another in the west. The west plain is a lot smaller and only has a few echo class airports, the eastern plain is home to Denver, Colorado Springs and many other municipal and Air Force airports. Colorado’s only region has fame for its well known 'challenging approaches into airports like

  • KASE - Aspen Pitkin Co Sardy Fld
  • KEGE - Eagle Co Rgnl

Aspen can only take aircraft up to the size of an ERJ-175, but Eagle can take up to a 757. These both have beautiful approaches.

My personal choice:
As much as I love Denver, I would have to go with Seattle, as is perfect for a GA lover like me.


Thank you so much for the poll and info!!! It’s really appreciated!!!

Well after all that insight from 1 comment, it looks like I’ll be going with Seattle! Thanks alot @freddiefrogs

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Good choice!

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Yessss!!! KPAE Rules! :D

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Oh ok I didn’t see that sorry

I’ve only got around 17,000 XP unfortunately but I can’t wait until advanced! Playground is a mess! I’ll be doing some pattern work to rack up that XP

I feel sorry for you. Once you get on advanced, a lot changes :)

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