Seattle (KSEA) to Chicago O Hare (KORD) screenshots!

Some awesome screenshots are below! Comment which one you like the most below :)

Taking off from Seattle

Climbing to 38,000ft over the mountains!

Crusing at 38,000ft (FL380)

nice wing view about halfway to Chicago O Hare

Nice underbelly shot!

On final at Chicago O hare INTL (KORD)

Hope all of you like my shots of this incredibly scenic flight that i really enjoyed!

I will be uploading some screenshots later today or tomorrow of me continuing from Chicago O Hare to Newark Liberty (KEWR) in a Delta A319!

3) Photos


Nice photos! 2 and 5 are my favorite


Same here great photos


Yeah, 5 is definaty mine!

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Wow! Stunning pictures, especially thanks to the fantastic scenery! The wing views also look really realistic, which is always a benefit. Thanks for sharing!

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I really enjoyed it! It was like, wow whatโ€™s next?

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Yeah, its a shame that im still stuck on 20.3, but i always turn up the resolution to make it a lot clearer!

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Chicago to Newark screenshots! ;)