Seattle Int. Airport welcomes returning and new airline!

Announced today, Finnair will be launch direct flights from Helsinki to Seattle 3x weekly with an A330-300.

The route is scheduled to start on June 1st 2022 and will fly Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Adding onto this, Singapore Airlines will be making a return to Seattle after having a hiatus due to the pandemic.

This route will be 4x weekly but dates are still unknown.

This is great news as this is expanding KSEA’s route map making it even more diverse!

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This is exciting, more ways to go back to Helsinki for me, flying LAS-SEA-HEL-DFW-LAS sounds fun.

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  • This is so cool about it, more airlines welcome to International the travel to popular Seattle. It’s very awesome!

  • I saw check on the internet for Google information about old retro Finnair with McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30ER (Tri-Jet) and my grandpa for true story, went to ride the old plane Finnair from Seattle to Turku to Helsinki then and to Moscow airport only old country USSR transferred to Aeroflot to Ukraine the reason for him mother family in Ukraine about it last in February 1986 a very time ago. He told me the last message in February 2009 and I think so.

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@Kamryn Seems like a great trip you have planned out now ahaha.

@amaryahjohnson1996 it is truly amazing the new airlines coming to SEA and that is such a cool story!


Yes, he did. Thanks.

It’s going to be operated by an A350 if I read in an article correctly.

Really? Seattle International Airport confirmed on both Instagram and Twitter it was an A330…

I will go check and see if thats correct.

I think you read it wrong.

Heres an article by One Mile at a Time.

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And one more again but title news of plane.

Finnair’s Instagram was bait, they had it as A350 but later edited it out

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Ohh I see, my bad!


What the

I’m so happy to hear the news about Finnair! It is the main airline for my family. We lived in Washington state a few years back and we’ve always had to transfer at least once. Now we have a straight connection to go see our friends!! Thank you @AlaskaAirfireball111 for posting this!!


I’m Seattle based so this is a big excitement!

Mot coming for Singapore but from Vancouver

You are a madman. Though in retrospect, I did want to, admittedly unnecessarily, connect through ATL to have a prayer at potentially flying the DL A359 to DTW and back, during my Xmas break travels to Alpena, so I guess I can’t be talking.

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