Seattle Ground & Tower Timelapse

Seattle Ground & Tower Timelapse

Yesterday, I opened up Seattle Ground, Tower, and ATIS. I was joined by two other controllers who serviced the Approach/Departure and Center frequencies, along with two Supervisors who fully opened additional airports to get traffic flowing across the Northwest. We used 16C/R for arrivals and 16L for departures. As a featured airport on the ATC Schedule, traffic was high to begin with and further increased over time.

Seattle’s runway layout allowed us to continuously shoot departures out, crossing arrivals periodically. We also made use of a voice channel titled “Seatalites” for better communication and coordination. Probably the largest challenge most of us faced during the session was a server issue; we would lose most of our aircraft at the same time, often during crucial moments when we most needed to see what was going on. Thanks to Nate, Adam (x2), and Bruce for helping create a busy region with multiple options for pilots. Enjoy the timelapse!

Ground + Tower + ATIS: @lucaviness

Approach + Departure: @Marina

Seattle Center: @NightHawk

Boise (Full Service): @Drummer

Vancouver (Full Service): @Adam_S

Moral Support: @LordWizrak

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And there I was, simply moral support in your times of darkness.


That was awesome. I flew in from KPHX and the ATC handled the airport beautifully. Funny thing is the next day the Airport was 3D


Just having you there kept the whole team together. You singlehandedly saved KSEA


looks super organised on the ground, well done

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Lovely timelapse, and I saw me!

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