Seattle Experience! Museum of Flight & Boeing Factory Tour

The Seattle Experience April 2019

Hey Everyone! As you might or might not know I recently took a trip to Seattle visiting the Museum of Flight, Boeing Everett Factory, and other cool places in the area. Here are some photos of my experience at these truly exciting and memorable places.

Museum of Flight

I forgot what this plane was called but it is parked right outside the museum.

Here is a space shuttle mockup and cockpit before they used the glass cockpit from the 777.
A spectacularly preserved US-Air 737-100 fuselage and interior.
An SR-71 Blackbird I believe that I got to sit inside.

A BA Concorde and engine, unfortunately, the interior was closed to visitors that day.

This was the 707 Air Force 1

A united 727 I believe that this was the first 727 but I may be mistaken, I was too busy being shook by all the amazing aircraft around me.

The ORIGINAL Boeing 747 with all of its testing gear and equipment still preserved inside. The last photo was a controls bay for a prototype refueling tanker boom. The tanks were to move weight around to see how the plane would react to different loads. The computers were for taking and recording data from various sensors installed in the plane, this was my favorite part of the experience, being inside such a beauty of an aircraft was so amazing.

And finally a prototype Boeing 787 the third one I believe. The original is in a cafe in Japan. I was also super excited to see this as it is one of my favorite aircraft but the interior was in a standard 3 class seating layout with Boeing promotional items rather than the original testing equipment which sucked.

Boeing Factory Tour

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures but the experience was amazing sitting there and seeing how the aircraft I know and love were made was an epic experience The assembly line was so cool I couldn’t believe I had actually been inside that building when I got home, I got to see the production of the 747-8, 787-9 and -10, the 777-300ER, the 777-9X and the 767F. Let me just say the 777-9X is truly beautiful one of the most amazing aircraft I have seen if not the most and if any of you have the chance to go to these places i would take it 100%, it is truly an amazing experience.

A model 777X from the Paris or Dubai airshow I believe.

Flags from customer cities and the lobby of the tour building.

If you look closely you can see the 777X tail this was taken after the tour from the view deck of the tour building.

Landscape from the parking lot.

Massive Boeing Doors

Alaska landing at Everett field.

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Love the museum! Haven’t been there in a while think I need visit it again shortly


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Ill just wait to see what the mods say. and thanks for changing the topic i had a brain fart lol

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I went there last year, was such an amazing experience and if you haven’t toured the factory you really need to! Gives you a scale of how they build the aircraft we fly on

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Woah - thats a lot of pics - maybe get rid of some of those :)

Srsly tho - great pics. I’m quite jealous - ive always wanted to go there :)

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Given that it has 4 eingens, the tail, and the landing gear, I’m pretty sure it is the old 707 Air For rice 1…





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I loved this! I went back in March and had a blast!

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Thanks fixed it!

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Nice photos. I love going to the museum. It’s so worth it everytime

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No problem, that’s what we’re all here for… 😁

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You should go there now or soon. You will get to see the assembly line of the trip 7X . A beauty that.

Saw that the last time I was there from the balcony

One of the greatest quote of all time.



I am going on the same trip in 3 weeks, thank you for posting!

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Hoping to visit both this summer! Great photos!


I love the pictures!
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Yeah somebody asked me about that earlier

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I’ll be doing this exact same thing in July! Super exited. Thanks for sharing.

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