Seattle - Denver A320

Route: KSEA - KDEN
Flight Time: 2h 5min
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Airline: Alaska Airlines
Cruising Altitude: FL350
Server: Expert
Takeoff Runway: 16L
Landing Runway: 26

Departing from runway 16L at Seattle

Climbing to cruise

Cruising at FL350 over Wyoming

Entering left downwind, runway 26 at Denver (In the background United 737-700 Taxiing to runway 34R on its way to Aspen)

Landed on runway 26 at Denver


I…don’t think that aircraft is allowed there. Nice shots anyway :)

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He/She is probaly new to this server, He/She also took of from the wrong runway considering the wind.

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The first shot is definitely my favorite. Great job!


Love the first shot. Question, is it just me or when it starts to turn early evening to night, the cabin lights turn on randomly ? Sometimes it turns on, sometimes it doesn’t.

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Good question! In most modern aircraft such as the Airbus A320 and Boeing 787, cabin and cockpit lights turn on at dawn and turn off when the sun rises.
Thats all I can say, I don’t know the exact time when this happens.

Love the photos and love that you came to Denver!! Sorry but I have to say that technically its operated by the B737, sorry I had to say it but I love the photos none the less.

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