Seatbelt sign on during turbulence

Is there such a thing called turbulence in IF? How to regconise one and when do you on the seatbelt sign if there’s one?

There is turbulence in IF. You can go to the systems tab in-flight to activate the seatbelt sign. It’s not really a seatbelt sign but it’s in words so you should easily find it.

Turbulence occurs in IF whenever there is rough weather in real life. You notice when your aircraft starts to shake then the speed either accelerates or decelerates, or other things. As of now we don’t have automatic seatbelt implemented in the game. You can make a feature request for one if you want to.

To turn on Seatbelts, Go into systems, and it should be at the top of the list.


Ah the sign that I remember to turn on before push back and turn off at cruising altitude then leave it off until I’m at the gate at the destination.

At least I remember to turn and leave the no smoking sign on for whole flight. Like everyone else said earlier, it’s in the system. Don’t forget to turn it on before landing. 🤫

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Also if you fly in Solo mode as opposed to the online live server, you will find that if you go onto ‘weather’ in the pause menu at the bottom, you can change the turbulence settings from ‘light’ to ‘extreme’

Good luck!

Smoking is allowed on my cruisers!


My aircraft shakes all the time, even the slightest jolts can be seen, guess I’ll have to leave the sealtbelt signs on throughout the flight and deal with angry passengers afterwards.

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