Seatbelt sign during turbulence

Hi! When should I turn on the seatbelt sign during cruise? How strong should the wind be before it counts as strong turbulence? Thanks for the help!

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Turbulence can be unexpected; It’s up to the skippers decision as to when the conditions of turbulence have been met. However if they believe turbulence will occur in the future, the sign will be switched on.

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So I should just turn on the seatbelt sign when I feel like it’s necessary? So there isn’t a certain windspeed where I should turn on the sign?

Yep that’s exactly what it is. If you feel like the plane is shaking around to much for your comfort then its time to turn on that seatbelt sign. But it’s hard to judge in IF since you can’t exactly feel the aircraft. So its up to visual signs(i.e shaking of the plane, the yoke struggling)

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