Seat position

( I didn’t put it in support as it’s not a problem) I noticed that the camera in the cockpit of the a319 is slightly to the right compared to the position it should be for optimal vision. I was just wondering why it is like that. Does anyone know ?

Here’s a screenshot

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Hi Zen, double tap the screen so your view of the cockpit can be centered and calibrated.
If you need further help please let me know at your earliest convinience, warm regards, 305.

Did that and it still looks wrong. It’s not a problem tough. Just wondering

Restart the app and try doing it again, perhaps it might be frozen.
If anything you can also restart your device which free’s up some RAM which may be the problem.

Tried all of that. I noticed this on all the a320 familie. ( is it possible that it’s the same cockpit)?

The A320 family is the same cockpit, perhaps this might be a bug and it would be best to seek guidance from a mod or developer ;).

Thanks for the help. I don’t think it’s necessary to bother them for such a detail tough.

Perhaps send us a video of the issue, we could help even further…

Maybe check your “Settings-Control-Commands” to see if a camera left/right, etc, was activated somehow.
I mention it because when I directly attach my Thrustmaster HOTAS X to my Nvidia Shield K1 the left/right camera arbitarily gets assigned and I have a similar problem and have to clear it.,

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Settings look fine I think. Does it happen only to me?

Sorry I tried sending the video but it didn’t work

you guys aren’t understanding what his issue is

he’s talking about this :


We’ll take a look in time. This isn’t super pressing, but I appreciate the attention to detail. We typically make a pass over each our aircraft throughout the year so I’ll ensure that’s a point brought up. Cheers!