Seat Camera View

Hi guys! How to have a seat view for Boeing 787? I can’t find the camera view for it, but I saw a video on youtube.

These are edited by the creator. There is not seat view available on Infinite Flight anymore. I don’t believe there is a feature request for this yet but unfortunately you have to be TL2 to post in #features category.


You need to go to the wing view. There are no views from windows, except for the CRJ Family. That video is using an old version of IF.

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What about the CRJ?

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Except for the CRJ Family.

I was suggesting to the 787. Sorry if I was not clear


Hello! The video up above as said above, is photoshopped. Luckely for both of us, the devs have said that interior views are expected to come with all aircraft now being added and reworked, although it will take some time for all to be updated. :)

The interiors are my favorite feature. :)


I’ll create one if there isn’t one already active.

This was photoshopped by the creator from the vid. You can find several window\inside views on the CRJ family and upcoming TBM which was already confirmed to have inside views.

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Don’t forget the AC130’s with their interiors! ;)

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