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So as I have been flying quite frequently now I started to find out that on all flights once around a few minutes after take off the seatbelts signs would go off then go back on straight away. May I ask does anyone know what is it for?


The seatbelt signs are turned off above 10,000 feet. However if there is turbulence, they will be turned on. Also, U.S. airlines generally are more strict with their seatbelt signs from what I’ve heard and experienced. What country are you flying in, and was there turbulence?

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There wasn’t turbulence at all was the thing that confused me… I was flying with Cathay the pass few times where I noticed this…

Hmm that’s weird. Were you ever below 10,000 feet when this happened?

I am unsure if I was above or below but quite sure it is somewhere close to 10,000 feet. Also to clarify more, the seat belts sign go off for half a second to 1 second then goes straight back on again and then we have to wait for another 3 mins or so then the seat belts sign actually turn off and we can take the belts off.


Not an expert, but I think it may be a single to the flight attendants that they can began service and that you’ve passed through 10,000 feet


Oh right… sounds quite right. Thanks for your help!

Not a problem

A quick off and on for the seatbelt signs after take off is the flight crew releasing the cabin crew.

I was flying back from Beijing a few months back and the seat belts caused a funny story:

We had taken off from Beijing and as we passed 10000ft (i was watching the altitude readings on the IFE map) I expected to hear the all familiar DING but nope we carried on carried. We did not experience any turbulence during the climb so we were really confused. At an altitude of 32,400ft - the seatbelt sign was STILL on! So a flight attendant who was stationed about 5 rows dorward from my seat went on the intercom:

Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has kept the seatbelt si…


everyone laughs

As mentioned by some others, recycling the seatbelt sign after take off is in some airlines a single to the cabin crew that they are allowed to get from their seats and start preparing for the service or whatever they have to do.

When I travel with Ryanair from Paris Beauvais to Marrakech, they did the same thing

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