Seat Belts and No Smoking - 2 different pitches?

Currently, depressing SEAT BELTS and NO SMOKING produces a distinctive “ding” at 490 Hz (B natural) that makes me smile because you guys nailed the sound.

I think it would be really clever to have the sim generate the lower 415 Hz (G-sharp) for “off,” or maybe 490 “ding” for one button and 415 “dong” for the other so there’s the distinctive minor third between them for that “doorbell” interval you hear in the cabin.

as a musician, this makes me happy

ill think about voting, i love this idea. would be fun to have in the sim


Cool idea. Make sure to vote for your own topic.

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Ah! Didn’t know I could. Definitely will, thanks!

As you know, it’s like knowing another language. I always encourage sound engineers I coach to learn an instrument if they haven’t already. It will not only make their jobs easier, and help communication with the acts they work with, but it’s a passport to a whole other world


So I just flew on Southwest and observed the “ding dong” tone is actually the intercom tone when the crew is making a “phone call” in the cabin and someone needs to pick up (captain needs a bathroom break, etc)… so my idea really isn’t faithful to reality. But hey, fun anyway I guess.

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