Seat Belt signs

Hello. At what winds do u people turn off the seat belt sign? I turn it off at 30kts of winds.

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Also long as I don’t have 100kts crosswinds, I turn it off after 10,000 feet and keep it off

+100kt crosswinds is when I keep it on

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That should depend on the direction, like it should be fine to have at over 100kts in head or tailwind

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I never turn them off. They’ll be no smoking and no getting out of your seats on my flights unless you raise your hand and ask really nice ;)


I do it when I have a tail wind or headwind because that’s the wind that typically has the less amount of shaking the aircraft if that sounds right.

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I always keep the seat belt sign on, because in the current COVID situation I don’t want people to walk around and risk themselves getting infected😂


thk. I just turned them off.

I turn it off usually after 10k feet and with tail and headwinds.
I turn them on if I can see that the plane is shaking visibly and usually at high crosswind.

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Different SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for different airlines suggest different times when turning off the seatbelt signs. The standard in Europe is passing FL100 as others have mentioned, but only if you do not expect the aircraft to continue manoeuvring (i.e. you’re on a SID)/ you have a high AOA (angle of attack) and obviously weather conditions have to be taken into account as well. Europeans usually turn the signs back on at, again, FL100 if not earlier due to weather/manoeuvring of the aircraft. When flying long haul, it’s common practice to turn the seatbelts signs on back for landing earlier to give the cabin crew extra time to prepare the aircraft.

In the United States, the same applies except that signs usually go on/off at FL180 instead.

As a little side-note, most European carriers do not turn the seatbelt signs off due to COVID at the moment (even if the flight conditions allow for it).

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