Seat belt sign

For the sake of realism, i liked that

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Yes. Mine only. Nobody else is allowed to use it.

Oh, this is SQ21? You should have gone before departure!

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I am not going to lie, I forget to turn them off 😑

I usually forget about it, but after all, Snoman Air doesn’t event have lavatories, I removed them from the plane! I entertain myself by watching my virtual passengers trying to hold it in for a 10 hour flight


How about your copilot?

Well I usually turn it off when I cross 17000ft. And turn it on at the same altitude during descent

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Here’s what I don’t get - smoking is prohibited on airplanes AT ALL TIMES so why do they say that…

I believe in real life, it is turned of at 10,000, and on short to medium haul flights, it is turned back on passing through 15,000ft in the descent or or on long haul, just before desent.

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I actually agree with @Maxmustang here as this is really dependent on many factors and in the end decided by the operating crew.

Nonetheless there’s another topic from January with the way I (mostly) do it for consideration:

I feel really bad after accidently leaving it on for a 12hr flight, what a mess!

And they all went into the lavatory at the same time

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I believe when passing 10,000ft usually.

when i hit cruise and calm winds

If you are flying a US based airline never turn it off

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