Seat belt sign

When should I turn off the seat belt sign during climb, and when should I turn on the seat belt sign during descent? I know this is a weird question but I want to be realistic

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I don’t turn it off at all. The lavatory belongs to me.


Turn it off after reaching 10,000 feet unless there is turbulence. And you can turn it on as soon as you start descending.


I would recommend right after reaching the cruise alt, and just before descent.

And during turbulence

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Yes i do the same 10000 up its off
Further descending to 10,000 and lower its on

Same with the landing lights too

we do all of these things in order to seek realism. And enjoy

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Thanks for the recommendations guys

I generally do it once I hit cruise altitude.


For realisms sake, I turn it off once I reach cruising altitude and there is no turbulence.

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For me, I will keep it on after 10,000 to my cruise altitude if I have my VS over +2000. If I’m doing a climb less than +2000 VS than I’ll turn it off.

I never turn it off when flying in New Zealand, I have found it to be very windy and turbulent

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Do it above 10,000ft or a higher altitude or even some airlines wait until cruise.

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Whenever you feel like…


I turn it off after I reach cruising altitude, and turn it back on if the wind gets too high. Then about 20nm before TOD I turn it back on.

I used to do it right above FL100.

But after looking at some flight videos, I have found that the crew actually turns it off around FL150-FL200. This is where I turn it off now. (Unless there is turbulence, then you obviously turn it off after the turbulence subsides)

@Bill_Jones. MaxSez: Seat Belts are required for Launch & Recovery! Permitting a no seat belt+ where and when is at the PIC’s discretion based on conditions. The Altitudes is not a consideration.
Trust but Verify all comments posted here!

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Turn off seats sign @13000ft at cruise speed while still climbing and @18000ft while descending.

10,000 AGL (Above Ground Level)
I don’t do that, there could be a unexpected turbulence

@Bill_Jones… ALL. MaxSez: At some point some of you Bloviators will stop guessing or Speculating about aviation Tech Fact. “Seat Belt” use on passenger aircraft is regulated by the US Code & the FAR. Here is the Citation;

14 CFR § 91.517 - Passenger information.

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§ 91.517 Passenger information.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, no personmay operate an airplane carrying passengers unless it is equipped with signs that are visible to passengers and flight attendants to notify them when smoking is prohibited and when safety belts must be fastened. The signs must be so constructed that the crew can turn them on and off. They must be turned on during airplane movement on the surface, for each takeoff, for each landing, and when otherwise considered to be necessary by the [pilot in command](

(b) The pilot in command of an airplane that is not required, in accordance with applicable aircraft and equipment requirements of this chapter, to be equipped as provided in paragraph (a) of this section shall ensure that the passengers are notified orally each time that it is necessary to fasten their safety belts and when smoking is prohibited.

© If passenger information signs are installed, no passenger or crewmember may smoke while any “no smoking” sign is lighted nor may any passenger or crewmember smoke in any lavatory.

(d) Each passenger required by § 91.107(a)(3) to occupy a seat or berth shall fasten his or her safety belt about him or her and keep it fastened while any “fasten seat belt” sign is lighted.

(e) Each passenger shall comply with instructions given him or her by crewmembers regarding compliance with paragraphs (b), ©, and (d) of this section.

[Doc. No. 26142, 57 FR 42672, Sept. 15, 1992]


you what? lol

I don’t know what all this obsession with FL100 is! On most flights in narrowbody aircraft I’ve flown on, the seatbelt sign is turned off after the initial departure turn out of the airport while climbing to cruise. That’s sometimes only 30 seconds after wheels up. Do it when you feel comfortable - no turbulence and no significant turns up ahead in your flight plan.


when i reach fl100 i do a quick ding ding
same thing as i begin my decent, and as i turn final for landing