Seat back map

Right, I don’t know if there’s already a topic on this but I’ve just thought of the best thing.

You know how on the 757, there are TVs showing the distance and flight time to the destination?
Well what if, for the up coming CS300, the TVs were on the back of each seat showing a map with the route and flight time/distance?

Any votes would be greatly appreciated!

Could you be a bit more clear into what you are requesting. Many a photo?

On the back of the seat, on many airlines, there is a TV. So, I’m saying what if in infinite flight there was an IFE showing the route and time/distance.

Oh got you

i think its relatively clear.

I like this idea, it would be cool to see, and make the flight a bit more immersive

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Doesn’t look to be a duplicate so your good!

I think this would be such a cool idea, I would love to see it. The problem I see here could be that it takes up more detail to add something like this but luckily it is a smaller plane so maybe it’ll work.

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I Will vote for this. It seems cool

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Cheers for the vote!