Seasons/Sunset and Sunrise time

I know that the landscape doesn’t change with seasons but does sunset and sunrise time change depending on time of year? I did a flight from EGLL-EGPD yesterday and thought that this far north, this time of year you will have the sun up until 20:30 Zulu but in the winter it will be down by 15:30 Zulu. Thanks!

Yes, this is all accurately modelled :) You can change the date by tapping on the day/month/year and see for yourself.

We also support moon phases in relation to the date, another cool thing to look out for!


I remember doing a flight to ORD in IF in winter and at 07:00am there, it was night. I just did another flight to ORD in IF (in summer) and the sun was fully up at 6:00am.

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Yes seasons are supported in IF.

I once did a trip around Iceland in December and it was dark at like 9:30am

I did it again recently and the sun was nearly at the top of the sky at 9:30-10:00

I think Cameron answered his question 2 months ago btw… anyways, great answer!

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Thanks both - always happy to hear more evidence and indeed I’ve even noticed this doing some longer flights around the equator sun is setting far faster down there.

Hey no worries mate. Hope you keep flying well.

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