Seasonal Map

Snow in the winter, lush green in the summer! As IF is constantly doing scenery updates, what if they could update the images 2 times a year with seasonal imagery. So we could fly with snow on the ground in the north and vice versa!?

I’m no developer, but it seems possible!


It took IF 2 years to get good global scenery for all continents. I doubt this would happen.


It’s worth at least discussing right?


@Jack is right, this would take a very long time, as did global.

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I mean I don’t really know how IF would properly nail this down. Sure they could try to do this winter map thing, but how are they gonna deal with places that don’t have snow on the ground?

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the snow looks like whipped cream


This is a very cool idea nonetheless.

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I would highly doubt this would be considered they literally just reworked the map so I’m not sure if this is really necessary 🤔 just my 5 cents

@David_Driggers That is quite a lot to ask of a mobile sim. Some PC sims in development have confirmed snow.

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We mainly do monthly updates of airport layouts and navigation data, but have pushed some occasional updates to our satellite imagery to add missing areas.

It’s not as straightforward as it seems unfortunately; seasons are a longer term goal.


Considering how long it took for global this would be near impossible. But its still a great idea for the future

I don’t know if this is possible, but I had a similar idea:
A white texture level that gets layered over the terrain mesh.
The opacity would be dependent on temperature and precipitation.
There would be no physical accumulation of snow, but the varying opacity would give the impression of different amounts of snow.
Of course this would probably take a toll on device performance, and worldwide snow would be able to be toggled in settings.

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That would be hard to calculate and render on a global scale. And also, where are you going to be sourcing this data? Would it look realistic?

@David_Driggers remember to vote for your own request to show your support.

We already have data for temps, and for precipitation, it would be the same as any other form of weather data that IF uses id assume.

And so the precipitation data would be yet another thing to download over the internet, and those values could create unrealistic opacity for the snow compared to real life.

Streamed just like the weather, terrain and probably clouds.
And well of course it may be inaccurate sometimes, but it would be better than flying over the Midwest or Siberia in the winter and seeing green grass…

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Yeah maybe we need to turn Australia and Africa more orange as well and the alpine regions of Australia and NZ white during winter

Would be cool but would definitely prefer them spending the money that buying winter image date would cost on more detailed hd scenery

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