Seasonal Events

Hey IFC!
So I was doing a flight and I thought randomly came to me, we have no seasonal events in IF no way to get festive so I thought up some ideas of what could happen for certain seasons enjoy.

Christmas 🎄

  1. The Devs for Christmas time could spawn in a Bot “Santa” plane with unlimited fuel that shows up on everyone’s map and flies all over the world.

  2. Different Christmas decorations could be hid in the cockpits of certain planes like Candy Canes, Ornaments and maybe a snow globe, this would all be optional of course players could decide to turn this off if they wish.

Easter 🐣

  1. In different small ATC chosen regions we could have an Easter egg hunt where everyone would fly around looking for floating coloured eggs, it would be a temporary no rules event where everyone can just have some casual server like fun on expert.

Halloween 🎃

  1. This is my favourite idea in a ATC chosen reason different airports would be selected where pilots could trick or treat at, after landing at an chosen airport and parked a new atc command would be available “Trick Or Treat” where you would request candy from a controller. The controller that give out the most candy gets recognized on the IFC.

  2. Like Christmas Halloween decorations like Jack O lanterns, sculls and ghost could be hidden in the cockpit of different aircraft.

These are all the ideas I’ve thought of if you have any good ideas ill add them to the topic and credit you.
PS. Didn’t check for typos.

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I don’t see that happening anytime soon…

This will not work. Not everyone celebrates these holidays. Simply doing these select holidays and not all holidays won’t make IF look good. Plus it’s not beneficial and takes away quality time to make new and bigger things.


I don’t see why they would take the effort to code in stuff and model it for a seasonal event.

Wow! I had never really thought about all these great ideas! Hope they come true:) Hads off to your imaginary skills!! But I’m sorry to say this but I doubt this will ever happen…

Unfortunately, I doubt it will happen. People from all over the world play IF, and lots don’t celebrate these holidays. And the devs want to include everyone, and only having certain holidays wouldn’t fit with that.

But it’s a cool idea, and I like it. I’ll give you that.

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Yeah, I mean, we all celebrate the Infinite Flight holiday every day…

It’s a cool idea, but implementation would be extremely difficult given devs are usually working on bug fixes & the new updates, they need a break in between too (the weekend)

He did say you could turn these off, so like the cockpit decorations if you don’t celebrate a certain holiday just switch them off from spawning into your aircraft.

While this is a good idea this could become a problem. If it is a busy airport the controller would not be able to hand out “candy” and still control. We could not have dedicated trick or treat contorllers either because that would not be fair.

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It’s not just that it’s the actual thought that goes into it. Your adding something that only a select few follow and your leaving out others. It’s giving attention to one group over the other. This simply will not work.

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this has been already happening with A350 update. We might also have a halloween this coming weekend, who knows? I think the IF staff team will do some surprising seasonal events.