Searcy Airport Day/Flying 270 5th Graders

Today marked my 3rd year that I worked out local airport day. More than 270 5th graders from my local school district came and got to learn about airplanes and aviation and even take a short ride in a small GA airplane. This is how I got started in aviation and brought back many memories for myself. I got the opportunity to fly one of our flight schools airplanes up and show it too them. Here are a few pictures of the event: IMG_1142IMG_1138IMG_1141IMG_1139IMG_1144IMG_1146IMG_1140IMG_1143IMG_1145


So you managed to get the Fire Dept. to come to the event?

Thank you for training the next gen. of pilots!!!

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Yep Fire Dept, Police Dept and sheriff always come to the event

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Im editing this airport, and just by editing it I have learned allot from this small uncontrolled field. Im doing this for my great freinds Dillon and Ryan, Private pilots who fly here and it has been intresting to say the least so far.

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Haha thanks Chris. You’ve got a lot of pressure on you since it’s our home airport

Yep, been real busy so dont have time to finish it sadly. But its great to learn new things about this airfield! Love the topic and pictures :)

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I find it sad not many other events are help like this, if there are I don’t hear about them. More kids need to get into Aviation it’s such an amazing thing! At my glider club on Saturdays and Sundays we have introductory flights and I rarely see kids there. You’re doing an amazing thing holding this event!

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I completely agree. More kids need to get into aviation. I started getting into aviation when I was there age so it brought back memories. I didn’t specifically hold the event but my local EAA chapter and well as the airport did


270 is a lot of 5th Graders! I hope most of them get excited about aviation!!

So, did you organize this yourself?

I hope so too and nope I was just a volunteer. Our local EAA chapter and airport organized it

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