Searching In Infinite Flight Not Working Properly

I am having an issue searching/typing call sign names as the search box seems to be cut in half and the search icon is not present. If I touch the enter key on my tablet, the cursor drops to a new line instead of searching for what I have typed. This just started happening after I updated the app. Please see screen shot.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablet and andriod version 12.



This is unfortunately a quite common issue with many applications & games since the OneUI 4.1 update. It doesn’t affect all devices, but a fair share it seems. The complication with this problem seems to be that Samsung’s OneUI 4.1 update introduces a resolution limit to games. This limitation has some pretty nasty and unwanted side effects with a ton of games, besides Infinite Flight.

There is a workaround however:

  1. If it is not already installed on your device, install Samsung’s Game Booster (Game Booster Plus - Apps on Galaxy Store)
  2. Go to “Gaming Plugins” → “Game Booster Plus” and tap the icon on the right side of the row that shows Infinite Flight & select the “High quality” option.

This should resolve any resolution related issues you may experience since the OneUI 4.1 issue.

We will have a look at our end and see if there’s anything we can do to counter this change. But we suspect that the fix will have to come from Samsung in the end.

Thank you!


Thank you so much for your help with this!

I no longer have this issue.

Thanks again.

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