Searching for that Load Screen Pic

Rainy Approach in the Tropics
Ranking up on the Training Server
ILS practice in Barbados, TBPB
On of the most served Hubs in the Caribbean and the most Eastern Island
Come on Infinite, give us 3d
KMIA as well please

Waiting for service on the ground at LAX
Thinking there was a ground staff strike in progress

Surfing in LA bay
Just before descent to LAX from the North
Can’t miss the Red

Sad and gloomy departure out of Paris heading back to Heathrow.
Got stood up by the Eiffel Tower

Speaking in my Irish Accent chasing the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Descent to Ireland for Heathrow

Nothing beats a nice sunset pic



Per the #screenshots-and-videos category rules, you can not display the HUD in your pictures or replays.

If you remove these 2 photos you are all good

Thanks mate