Searching for GPS coordinates?

So I have searched the threads and found plenty of threads on how to add gps coordinates into your “copy/paste” flight plan. But I would actually like to locate a specific GPS waypoint without having to type out or paste an entire FPL.
Through my own research I have found that it is somewhat possible to locate GPS waypoints by either typing in the first or second half of the coordinate.
For example, today I was attempting to cut down the useless waypoints from a flight from EHAM to EGLL. I prefer to plot my own fpl before and after cruise but use SimBrief to find my TOC and TOD, these are 99% going to come as a GPS coordinate. In this case the coordinate was 5135N/114E.
I have learned on my own that searching the vertical point (5135N) will give you a WP in the northern hemisphere that you can view and add to your fpl like a normal wp and searching the lateral point (1140E, probably should have been 1104 though) will give you a WP in the southern hemisphere.
Although no matter what I try I am unable to actually locate the point so that I can include it in my flight plan without just having to type all my WPs in at once. You cannot simply type 5135N/1140E in the search bar and be given a WP that you can view and add. How is this done?
Also, why is it that when you search for a VOR, it replaces your entire fpl? I understand that VORs are commonly used to direct traffic and it would help a pilot in setting immediate course for one but it’s a pain to just want to locate one without erasing your entire fpl.

Pretty sure the only other way to search for a waypoint is to zoom in on the map and find the GPS fix. Which can be painstaking and I understand the frustration.

  • The first number 5135N will always be your latitude number. Northern or Southern hemisphere.

  • The second number 1140E will always be your longitude number. East or West.

So in your example here, your waypoint should be north of the equator and to the right of the prime meridian line or in the eastern half of the world.

This might help in getting an idea as to where certain waypoints are:




Ok, cool. Yeah I know how latitude and longitude work, I just cant seem to be able to search a specific coordinate in the IF map. That is unfortunate but something to look forward to.
In the screen shot it shows the two coordinates I actually could search and I personally added them to a blank FPL to show their locations for this example.

By the way you can add any waypoint, VOR by tapping the + symbol, if you use the other one that will make it direct and delete the flight plan.

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I mean its possible. But you have to be really lucky or just know where they’re at.

Right, my reference there was, after I have already entered WPs into my fpl and I seach a VOR in the search bar, it deletes my fpl and starts one direct automatically.

It should only do that if you put a space after it if I remember correctly from a year or so ago when it happened to me. If you put a space after, it thinks you’re creating an FP starting at the VOR, but if you make sure the cursor remains against the last letter, you shouldn’t have an issue.


The only way to enter gps coordinates is to either copy/paste them, or type them in to the search bar. There is no gps ‘waypoint’ that you can interact with on the map because they are not waypoints.

It would appear you can search for a latitude or longitude but not both together.

This is usually what I do, I think the format is slightly different in the eastern hemisphere, I’ve forgotten now but usually simbrief will give them in the correct format to search on IF.

Yes. But if you want a random gps coordinate, it will not be a waypoint.

As others have said Lat and Longs are not waypoints hence why you can’t search them individually. They need to be added in with the flight plan as a whole.


Would be nice to see them as searchable points since they are capable of being found by the system to add them into the fpl.
Would make for a much more user friendly flight planning experience.

If they were searchable such as waypoints they would literally cover ever inch of the globe. I think we can both agree that’s not very realistic. is a good resource for replacing missing waypoints as well as adding GPS coordinates for TOC/TOD.

You can always include any GPS coordinates in a full flightplan formatted as in the image below.

I know you said you didn’t want to copy-and-paste, so you can do it this way to get it on the first time. As far as finding exact waypoints that don’t fall on exact 100 degrees north, 140 degrees west type coordinates, there isn’t a way to search for them, nor will there be, as that would make the map one giant mess of waypoints.

But if TOC/TOD is what you’re after, this is a good starting point. Or, if you can’t find a waypoint and you have a chart and know its coordinates, you can enter them in a full flight plan (yes, you might have to copy and paste) in the same format as in the image.

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