Search Waypoint Bug


Device:iPhone 6+
2GB of RAM
162GB Storage
Old Phone

Where ever I am in Global, weather its on Casual, Training, or Expert Server, location, WiFi, when I hit the search bar the option comes up, and just stopes halfway. It’s not even full color. The box is faded.

I have to turn off my phone and go back to the app to work. I’m afraind, on a long haul flight especially, that I’d i need to search for a waypoint the game will crash and my flight would be ruined.

Hopefully this is a temporary issue, and it’ll be resolved soon. And hopefully I am not the only one with this issue.

I happen I provided enough information for this conflict.

P.S. And yes, I have restarted shut down, deleted the app. Everything. No profield installed or jailbreak.

Thank you again.


I searched the way point bug, and its perfectly fine for me.

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Hmm…have you tried logging out of IF then re-logging in?

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I have, and I don’t think that’ll do the issue.

Maybe restart your device multiple times. Yes I know you already have but do it a few times.

[quote=“Michael_Weinblatt, post:1, topic:160892”]
when I hit the search bar the option comes up, and just stopes halfway.
[/quote] what do you mean by stops half way

As that search bar rises up to the middle of the screen it stops halfway and freezes. It looks faded. @Captain_Zen

That’s weird… never happened to me

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happens to me aswell. Must be a device issue, im on an iphone 6plus aswell.

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