Search history lost

This might sound weird, but it is frustrating.
I noticed this when I wanted to edit something in the “around the world advent calendar” event topic I made earlier today. So I clicked on topics (in my section you know where it says all the topics I made…) and it was gone! Then I looked in the history, because I remembered someone kindly moved it to live instead of events, and noticed that it didn’t say that anymore. So now I noticed all of my answers in between the last 6 hours and last 2 hours are gone.

Does anyone know what might have happened or what I can do?


It might be a glitch. Have you restarted and reloaded your device? I hope you are able to resolve your issue.

I hope so too because I spent a lot of time writing that event…

I would suggest clearing your cookies, or cache. Clearing RAM might help too.

What have you attempted in your quest to resolve your issue?

Very peculiar. The topic is gone too.

For the moment just logged out and back in

Ok I suggest attempting what I have suggested. Like @KindaAngrySliceOfPie said, I would clear all of your cookies and RAM.

Where do I go to do that?

You can do that in settings. Just go to your device settings and you should be able to find it.

Can’t seem to find it in the settings.
Is it in general section?

What device are you using the IFC on? Iphone or Ipad? Or a laptop?

iPad 9.7 32go but I tried with another iPad and the problem is the same…

I tried that but it didn’t work. So wait you can see the topic I made? The one with the flight around the world…

@KindaAngrySliceOfPie @Delta_Alpha_Lima clearing RAM will not help. @Captain_Zen I can view your history but the event isn’t there, so I would assume that [sadly] it is now lost


So there’s no way to get it back you think. A well not the end of the world…

It’s still missing one…

Hold the power button until you get to the off screen. Continue holding until it goes away. Your ram is now clear.

Maybe your event thread was possibly deleted? I’d recommend getting in touch with one of the staff to find out. Because if it was unlisted, it would still be visible to you.

No because it isn’t the only thing missing there are also answers missing I think. The topic is what I noticed first tough