Search function and extra details for Airspace activity window

For some context: i was about to fly out of LIRF in Italy and wanted to see if there were any other airports in Italy that had traffic, so i could fly either to or from that airport.

I noticed that when looking through the Airspace acitivity window it was difficult to find any airports that “suited my needs”. Also when i did find one i had no way of knowing if inbound traffic was nearby, or on another continent, except for quickly loading into ATC and checking.

I propose that:

  1. Somewhere in the Airspace activity window a small search bar is added (for ICAO codes), so that in my case for example i could just type in LI and all Italian airports with traffic would show up

  2. After finding an airport using the above feature, you could click on it and it would show you a list of inbound planes, their types, distance etc… just like ATC can see it in the “Status window”

You can search up the inbounds for all airports at

Also, I think most people won´t fly in just 1 region, but outside of one and plan their trip in advance.
It can stay open though as it is a good request

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Oh ok thanks i didnt know lol
@Emiel_l quick question about the IFATC site. Does it only show flights on expert server?

Well - yes. It is IFATC airports.

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You can search it for any airport in the ‘airports’ tab. (So not just ATC Featured airports)

Unfortunately this is only for Expert server