Search for specific fixes when making your FPL


An ability to be able to search for fixes when flight planning would be good,often I find myself reading an appr plate and just give up on finding each fix.

Some what following on from the FPL post by Aernout & the recent FNF it can sometimes be hard to find each fix that’s on your appr plate or FPL so why not have a feature to search for each fix? Thoughts?


Or maybe even have some approach’s built into a sub menu. Like select the runway & airport etc like you would for an autoland but then a sub menu drops down with the built in appr that is then added to your FPL once you have selected a built in appr ie HELNS FIVE


I have already made a topic about this. Please search before making a new one


It’s like “Finding Waldo” :)


That’s a great idea


I did search for fixes and nothing came up as a similar sounding topic as I typed But if a similar thread is around some where re direct me and this post over there :)


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I was trying to say the same thing he was but it probably came out wrong.


Great idea …


What’s the link to owen’s let’s merge the two topics.


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They are pretty close to the same topic he does state you type in a waypoint for your flight plan which is like a search @Swang007 should these two topics be merged?


How about the ability to just load the approach? Perhaps that way the ATC could also see the approach we’ve prepared for, and can line us up for it?


@ProcedureTurn180 yea I agree. Pretty much what I was saying here :p I actually like that idea better than my original posting