Search for flight MH370 Ends

After three years of searching Malaysia, Australia and China.

239 passengers were on the same flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing of Malaysia Airlines Disappeared during a flight Three years searching for answers already

Only a year ago found parts of the plane Reunion island


I Hope to Families Find plane


Such a shame. I feel so bad for the families who lost somebody in that flight. They don’t even know how.


Proofread your beginning sentence, I believe you’ll find an error.


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The second to last word of the first sentence.


I pm’d him.

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No, this can’t be, they can’t just give up, even if they’ve worked this long on it. People want to know the answer to what happened onboard MH370 - the longest search for a missing plane - EVER… I feel so bad for the families who had relatives and friends killed on that doomed flight. May all the victims rest in peace - if found or not… 😔😔😔


What a shame. At this point we don’t know if we will die not knowing what happened to them.


Hopefully not.


Little typo there.


I don’t know how the governments can just give up all of a sudden. If one of their family members were on that flight I would bet they would do anything to do to find. They should treat it the same way because there are family’s waiting for their loved ones.


They can just give up. The search has cost well into the billions of dollars. after three years I guess everyone on the investigation team (while still searching for the plane) just pretty much said we are not finding anything and it is too expensive to keep the search going so lets end it.

Although I personally believe that they should keep searching, It is really expensive and is basically making the countries involved lose lots of money that could be used in health to save 100-1,000,000 people or many other places. But yes I think that the search should continue. (How about some other rich country take over the search in order to make sure that it never happens again).

Ps time has really flown (I think the ATSB report might be closed now as unknown or discontinued)
Edit I found the ATSB apparently it is going to Be closed in two months


Idk what kinda searches they were doing but it probably wasn’t those kind of searches ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Um a little typo there, but I believe there are a few reasons as to why they have stopped the search for MH370
1 - The fact that they had to work with little to no evidence on where it crashed other than it went down in the Indian Ocean
2- Government money, ahh the thing of politics, people may know this but those research vessels that we see on the news segments, those are independent contractors who are being paid by the government to go out there and search
3 - Weather has been a big issue from the beginning for the search crews because of sea navigation (meaning waves are too choppy or dangerous even for a heavy Navy destroyer)
4 - The Navy teams just giving up, I know this may seem dumb for the Navy for the countries who contributed but they also were commanded by the Admiral of there navy to do that, plus I don’t if anyone remembers this but the first mission that the USN but the back then the new P-8 Posidens on was the MH370 trip, but after I believe 6 Months to 24 months the navy starting pulling them back because there were no answers or clues to it

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I find it odd there has been this little evidence being the time frame it’s been since the crash . My theory, the aircraft incenerated before it hit the ocean.

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Wow, why did they have to quit ;_; I thought this is going to be a topic about MH370 being found, but it’s not what I expected. I hope the passengers onboard MH370 will be found one day…

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OMNEG how long will he take to change it?!

That’s what they believe too, it either broke up while going down or it incinerated upon impact

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What a shame that the searching has stopped. However, I can see why. After 3 years of finding nothing of significant evidence that could lead to the aircraft, I doubt that they will find anything any time soon.