Search Filters for Airports

I think we need a better way of searching for airports, like filters or something. A lot of people will agree with this. There could be a button that you press where you can open the filters menu.
There was a time where I found a great airport, but the next morning I forgot the ICAO, so I spent hours searching, and couldn’t find it.
Some ways you could filter are:


  • Number of gates

  • Number of runways/Runway length/Runway number

  • Region

  • Class (Echo, Delta, Charlie, Bravo)

  • Hub for airline

What do you think?

Personally I think the current way we search for airports is easier probably because I’m used to it.

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I love this idea. Simple and straightforward. I would like to see this implemented. Good suggestion!

also, vote for your own feature!


Interesting idea, make sure to vote for your own request :)

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Doing that right now

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Sounds good, this is a great idea BTW :)

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Yes, that would be great.

It would be very useful, because I often have problems with searching for airports, but unfortunately I don’t have any votes. :-(

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It’s okay, I fully understand.

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if you want my vote, you are going to need to be more specific.


Cool Idea very useful but I have used all my votes on aircraft reworks in my opinion I think getting to the airport is 100% fine its what you do /how you do it that matters such as the planes features how the atc works etc Good suggestion though!

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I feel it’s easier to scroll the map and do a google search for the ICAO than do half those things. But maybe an IATA code if that would help you.

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I edited the post and it is a lot better now.

This could be a lot more helpful when searching for a VOR, I might have to spare a vote for this

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Good idea, and it would be nice if an airline would be listed in every gate of an airport, the Hub of an airline as well , etc.

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I will add that!

Here is a site that you can use to search for airports! It includes many of the features requested but not all. In particular I don’t have data for which airports are VA hubs, etc.

Note there are a lot of other features on the site which you are welcome to check out and use. Since this has primarily been targeted for IFATC use, I only provide data for the expert server. Of course airports are the same across all servers.

At this point I don’t have any plans to add support for the training server.

Feel free to PM me feedback, questions, etc. via IFC.

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Try to search for Bermuda airport. I am talking about the small island 550nm east of North Carolina.

The ICAO code is TXKF. Searching by the ICAO is no problem. The problem is when you search by name, because the airport that serves Bermuda does not have the name Bermuda in it. it is called the L.F. Wade International Airport.

I think an option for advanced airport search functionality, country, elevation, runway type could be very very cool.

Happy flying.

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