Search bar for Callsign list

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My request is for a search bar in the callsign database in-app. The ability to search for an airline/search term would make it very easy to find the one you’re looking for. This would allow people in game to just type in ex: “delta”, and all airlines/call signs with the word “delta” in it would pop up. If this feature were implemented, people wouldn’t have to scroll through the entire database to find the airline. It isn’t a major issue, but a simple fix like this might make it easier.

The search bar could be conveniently placed right above the list of call signs and when it is not selected, it would be out of the way, but the option to use it is still there.

Thanks for reading! Hope one of your votes lands here.

Hey there!

It seems as if someone else had the same request.

Here’s the request.

Oh, I thought it was closed 😅
Oh well…

There was one closed but then another one open. No worries.

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You know it’s a good idea when the feature request already has 10 votes before you even make the post :)