Search bar for Airlines



Bump again :)

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Given the huge load of callsigns that were added in 21.1, I’m surprised this feature hasn’t been more requested. We really need this because it’s a pain trying to scroll through all the callsigns to find the callsign you want. Voted!

Bump :) Not sure why this hasn’t been requested more often.

Don’t we also need a search box for flight logs?

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Would search boxes in certain places in the menu be hard to implement in IF?

Would be nice to easily search through flight logs, replays and callsigns.

This would be an awesome idea! Since we got so many callsigns, and registrations, it would be easier to find that specific callsign by using this cool feature!

Ugh , tired of scrolling , this would be helpful

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As we get more and more callsigns, it’s becoming more of a chore to find the one we need. I’ll find a vote to clear to put on here!

Yea this is a really good idea but I’m out of votes sorry!

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Yea we really need this it’s annoying to scroll all the way down

I think this is definitely a must need, list is getting pretty cluttered. Would be nice to have different categories that they can be sorted into as well.

I literally thought of this on the first day I installed IF when I had to scroll for ages to find Transavia. I was so surprised they hadn’t added a search bar for this huge list of callsigns. This is such a needed small quality of life change.


I agree with this certainly especially as new callsigns gets added and makes it harder for people to find them

I have voted


Would this be something difficult to implement?

I mean, we have a search bar for countless waypoints on the entire globe so, I’m assuming this should be possible and not all too difficult. But I’m not a developer either and we can’t know for sure of course.

We’re aware of the demand for this feature (we really agree this is needed as a fundamental UX improvement). Right now, it’s not a question of difficulty, but of development cycle time, as a seemingly small change like this has multiple considerations which take time to do properly.

Hopefully we can share more here soon


Really good to hear that you guys are considering this!

This would be great, also…

If you select an airline, it would be great if it then showed you the available aircraft for that airline, rather than having to scroll through each aircraft and then finding the Livery

Yea we need this terribly. I hate having to scroll all the way down to Southwest and a USAF callsign then get an itch to fly American and have to scroll all the way back up. Would vote but devs said they’re considering this already lol.