Search bar for Airlines

It would be a nice small feature to add a search bar when choosing your airlines name instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom. You would just need to type the beginning letter of the airlines and automatically be at that position.

I sincerely support this request, because I love organization and dislike scrolling.

Is this feature request similar, by chance?


Yes like that. But I added a picture just to give people an example of how it looks like. I’m on the same boat as you. I personally don’t like scrolling all the way to the bottom to get to united. Just by typing ‘u’ in the chat, you would get there much faster.

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Yeah but the other topic hasn’t seen a vote in almost a year.

Not sure why. I think it’s a fairly reasonable feature.

I feel like this one has more detail, I’ll spare you a vote and flag the other one.

Yes I love the idea. Make sure to vote for your own feature.

Yes this is a great idea

Nice three votes already and sure to get more.

Thanks guys. I thought of this as I was going to Southwest, United, and Volaris, and realized that there could be a faster way than scrolling down every time.

Unfortunately, my request never picked up any support even though I put deep thought into it and it’s common sense to add a callsign search bar on a growing fleet
You can close mine, I guess
Glad we’re on the same page thought
I feel annoyed scrolling through 500 liveries, and some aren’t even available in game 🤷‍♂️

if you feel some callsigns are missing, make a quick feature request, they’ll be added within hours if you’re lucky.

callsigns are much easier to add than other stuff :)

No callsigns are missing thought, in fact just the opposite. Their matching liveries are missing

This we need terribly!

Please add this in the simulator lol

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Dont mind me just bringing this back up :D

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This really needs to be added, it would be so helpful!

Honestly I do not think this is needed

It is in alphabetical order, just take 2 seconds to go down, and find the airline, I think that this is not needed

But that is just my opinion

Except for me who typically flies united

it is convenient and practical and I’m sure most people would agree with me what if this was added it would be a huge help, Aldo you don’t have to vote or use this feature if it does get added