Search bar bug

So I have this problem with the search bar in the map where you select your start airport: always if I enter it and try to enter my ICAO code the game freezes completely which requires a restart of the app… After some time and tries like above explained, it kinda works: I can type my ICAO code into the search bar and search it but it while I type it in the search bar doesn’t show what I typed… so it’s still bugged after some time but at least I can search my airport… any solution?

Are you noticing any other irregularities with the map when you open it? For example, does the globe with country boundaries and airports load at an unusually slow pace? I’m wondering if your internet connection is slowing things up a bit.

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I don’t remember any differences besides this… Also my connection should be okay since I am the only one in the WiFi network ( and the wifi has 5ghz)

Is this what you see when you utilize the search bar?

No it doesn’t show after I typed it in and pressed okay

In the second picture would be nothing in the search bar

Okay, well that doesn’t seem right. Let’s try some some simple remedial solutions to see if we can improve your situation and confirm our suspicions.

  • Close Infinite Flight and stop it from running in the background
  • Reset your router
  • Reboot your device then relaunch Infinite Flight and try searching again with ICAO KLAX

I tried again now (without even doing anything) and it works again… I just don’t know if that’s just temporary and it will start again. I will pm you when it happens again

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I used to have this problem on my iPad (2017). I had to buy a new one as it was getting so laggy to the point that Infinite Flight became unplayable.

Im guessing it is also linked to having not enough storage (even though I did)?

This scenario you were experiencing was more prevalent on the Live Servers, the processes and resources involved in pre-flight aren’t extensively demanding.

Having ample storage for IF is suggested yes.